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English Poems
As the sun stops spreading the brightness, The shadow seems to be dark, Leaving a big black mark, When we go to sleep at night, We sometimes dream about the courageous knight,
I feel like a ghost in our head,
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I had a toy ship made of wood, I kept it as nicely as I could
Its name was SCART, It was very close to my heart
I played with it, I didnít let it dirty, even a bit
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Winter is here
Itís time to celebrate
Winter, the season is so great
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The crowd was like a hive of bees;
Standing up and sitting down;
Like big, colourful falling peas;
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Tired of people ignoring the fact.
Sick of people laughing at it.
How they can lack in so much tact,
How they can lack in so much wit,
Remains, and also will, a question.
How people got over the shock so fast,
After all, its memories should always last.

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