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Beauty And Health
Although your body has an amazing built-in ability to repair and renew itself, if you give it the proper basic care and attention. Proper care leads to good health, good health makes you feel and look your best, giving you the kind of vitality and confidence which enables you to tackle and enjoy all the experiences that come to you.

Eat your way to beauty and health
Mention diet and most people think of slimming. However, the word “diet” really means ‘a way of eating’ and a normal diet means a way eating which gives your keep it in tip-top condition.

Meat, fish, cheese, eggs, nuts and pulses (various peas and beans) are full of protein. Protein is the material the body needs for growth, and for replacing parts like hair and nails. It also gives you energy.

Fruit and green vegetables provide you with roughage-the material that makes your digestion work efficiently. They are also full of mineral safts and vitamins.

Vitamin C, found in citrus fruits and green vegetables is essential if you want glowing, healthy skin. As this vitamin cannot be stored in the body, you need a good supply every day.

Milk, cream and cheese supply you with calcium for your teeth, bones and nails. Milk and yoghurt also supply you with vitamin A and D – the vitamin which you also get from sunshine. These are also good for your skin and for your hair.

Wholemeal bread also provides roughage and is a valuable source of vitamin B.
The foods to avoid, if you want to stay slim and healthy, are the ones that are fattening without being very nutritious. These are white bread, cakes, sweets, biscuits, jams, fizzy drink-everything, in fact, which contains lots of starch and sugar. Sugary foods are also very bad for the teeth (they are the main cause of decay) and for the skin (they cause spots).

If you are overweight, you are eating more food than you need. Eating less doesn’t mean skipping meals and starving yourself; what it does mean is eating less of the wrong foods and more of the right ones. So concentrate on the proteins, vegetables and fruits, and cut out the sugars and starches.

In order to lese weight, an average girl needs to limit herself to an intake of 1,200-1,300 calories a day. Use the following calorie chart to help you regulate your daily intake but before you do, be sure to get the permission of your doctor as diets can be dangerous as well as unnecessary.

They calorie value of most of the items is based on no a sample weight of 28g (10z). For special cases the amount is listed next to the item. Anything cooked in oil has a higher calorific value than it has when raw.
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