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Hair Care Tips

Hair Conditioners and Shampoos
1 lemon or orange water
Chop one lemon into four pieces. If you have dry hair, you can do...

Causes Of Hair Loss And Solution
Thinning hair and baldness afflict millions. These conditions are caused by several main factors: 1. African-Americans and others who style their hair in “corn rows” or tight braids often suffer...

Control Curly Hair in Summer
First of all, understand that if you were born with curly hair, 90 percent (if not more) women with straight hair have been jealous of your hair at some point.Women with limp...

Are You Losing Your Hair?
We tend to think of it as a guy thing. But some experts believe that dramatically thinning hair--the fallout (literally) from stress, poor nutrition, an underlying medical condition, harsh hair...

Should You Wash Your Hair Daily?
Unless you have really oily hair, you should give hair and scalp a rest for at least a day between shampoos. For those of us with oily hair who don't want to wash every day...

Women Hairstyles
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