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When it comes to Indian outfits, Saris are the most preferred and liked one. This is why they are given so much attention and detailing to. Following is a beautiful collection of sari designs for females who wish to find the perfect sari for the perfect occasion.

Pink Color Embroided Saree
Pink Color Embroided Saree
The first sari in this collection is a gorgeous pink sari with brown and pink embroidery. This sari has a plain pink, half sleeves blouse. The rest of the sari is also pink in color, however it has been laden beautifully with pink and brown embroidered flowers places strategically at the draping end of the sari. The addition of a dull gold sequins lace at the borders adds the glamour and sparkle that the sari needs to shine. The vibrant pink color of this sari has the right amount of color and embroidery to make this sari look good on everyone.
Black Color Silk Saree Style
Black Color Silk Saree Style
This beautiful sari is printed, black and made of sheer fabric. The blouse of the sari is a full sleeved black blouse with a black self print and a dull gold border at the end of the sleeves. The rest of the sari is sheer and has a black dotted self print that makes the sari look more appealing. The dull gold print on the sari contrasts well with the black. This sari is the perfect outfit to be worn to a number of formal and semi formal occasions. Since the fabric is smooth and flows, it drapes well and looks absolutely gorgeous.
Dark Brown Silk Saree For Indian Women
Dark Brown Silk Saree For Indian Women
This sari is another take at a black sari. The color black looks good paired with most colors, especially in outfits. Here in this sari design black has been paired with brown and maroon; not only does this make for a beautiful combination it also adds the required color in with the black to make it look good. The blouse of this sari is brown and dull gold made of Banarsi fabric with a small check print. The sari on the other hand is made of sheer black chiffon with brown and gold embroidery on it. This stunning sari is perfectly elegant for formal occasions.
Light Black With Embroided Saree Design
Light Black With Embroided Saree Design
Another black sari with a different take is part of this collection. However this sari is much more decent and has lesser embroidery. Made of black sheer chiffon, this sari has leaf shaped embroidery in grey color spread at a distance. Even though there is no glitter or sequins on this sari, it does not lack a sparkle. This sari is perfectly elegant to be worn to a number of formal and semi formal occasions. The half sleeved, round neck black blouse merges in with the sari and the silver and grey border of the sari helps bring more life to it.
Yellow Silk Saree Dress Design
Yellow Silk Saree Dress Design
The last outfit of this collection is a vibrant yellow sari with multi colored embroidered motifs. This beautiful sari is made of silk which flows and drapes well and look absolutely gorgeous. Since silk as a fabric has an inborn shine, the sari has an added sparkle along with its bright yellow color. Since the motifs are small and delicate, the sari isnít too overwhelmed with color. This fashionable and trendy sari looks absolutely stunning and can be worn to a multiple of occasions.
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