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Babies Name With Meaning

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Ma Ma'isah Maab Maahnoor Maali
Mada Madaniyah Madeeha Madhat Madiha
Madihah Madihah, Madeeha Maha Mahabbah Mahasin
Mahbasah Mahbubah Mahdiya Mahdiyah Mahek
Mahfuzah Mahibah Mahirah Mahjabeen Mahneerah
Mahnoor Mahreen Mahrosh Mahum Mahveen
Mahvish Mahwish Maida Maimoona Maira
Maisah Maisarah Maizah Majidah Majidah, Majida
Makarim Makhtooma Makhtoonah Makkiyah Maladh
Malak Malakah Malayeka Maleehah Maliha
Malika Malikah Malmal Manab Manahil
Manal Manal, Manaal Manar Manar, Manaar Manfoosah
Manha Manhalah Mansurah Maqboolah Marah
Maram Maram, Maraam Mardhiah Maria Mariam
Maridah Mariya Mariyah Marjanah Marnia
Marwa Marwah Maryum Marzuqah Masabeeh
Masahir Masarrah Mashel Mashoodah Masoomah
Mastura Masudah Masumah Mateenah Mawaddah
Mawahib Mawara Mawiyah Mawiyah, Mawiya May
Maya Mayameen Mayeda Maymunah Mays
Maysa Maysa, Maysaa Maysam Maysan Maysarah
Maysoon Maysun Maysun, Maysoon Mayyadah Mayyadah, Mayyada
Mayyasah Medina Mehek Meher Mehjabeen
Mehnaz Mehndi Mehr Mehreen Mehriban
Mehrish Mehrnaz Mehrunisa Mehvesh Mehvish
Mehwish Mersiha Meymona Mid'haa Midhaa
Midhah Mina Minaal Minal Minnah
Mirah Misba Misha Mishael Mishall
Mishel Miskeenah Mohaddisa Mohga Momina
Mona Monera Mouna Mounia Mounira
Muazah Muazzaz Mubarakah Mubashirah Mubassirah
Mubeenah Mubin Mufiah Mufidah Muhibbah
Muhjah Muhsinah Muizza Mukarram Mukhlisah
Mumayyaz Mumina Muminah Muna Muna, Mona
Munawar Munawwar Munazzah Muneerah Munerah
Muniba Munira Munirah Munisa Munisah
Muntaha Muqadaas Muqbalah Murdiyyah Murjanah
Murshidah Muruj Musaddiqah Musaykah Mushirah
Muskan Muslimah Musn Musnah Mussah
Mussaret Musta'eenah Mutahharah Mutazah Muyassar
Muzaynah Muznah Mysha

Islamic Girls Baby Name With Meanings

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