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Nissan Versa 2012

Nissan Versa 2012:
The Nissan Versa 2012 Sedan has been entitled “The America’s Most Inexpensive Car “. It is cheaper and consumes less fuel than its rivals. The all new Versa is going to fulfill a lot of expectations but still it does not give a very pleasing ride as compared to its competitors.

Nissan Versa 2012 Exterior And Interior:
The latest Versa Sedan is overall similar to the previous version but the curb weight is reduced by about 150pounds which makes it a lighter car. It has a sliding bonnet having two broad lines at the middle which gives some grace to the car. There two flashing headlights which look like two big attractive diamond eyes. There are two fog lights at the bottom which are circular in shape and hidden inside a rectangular space. There are attractive curves right under the headlights which gives a wider look to the car. The rear of this Sedan is extended outside and has red color tail lights.
The interior of the car is good and has a welcoming cabin. It has been properly furnished and gracefully polished. It is spacious and has air conditioning system and a Sound system with good quality sound attached in its middle. The seats are quiet comfortable. They are covered with leather and

provide you with enough leg and head room. The roof of the car is tall to let the driver and passengers enjoy enough head space. It can easily allow 6 foot tall passengers because of its tall roof. It has enough cargo space. The sedan has 13.8-cubic-foot trunk.

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Nissan Versa 2012 Performance:
The Versa 2012, is available in three trims:
Versa 1.6 S
Versa 1.6 SV
Versa 1.6 SL
The previous version of Versa offered two engine types. One was 1.6liter engine and the other was 1.8liter engine but this time the engineers of Nissan Versa have just worked with the updated 1.6liter engine type. So, the 2012, Versa is equipped with a 1.6liter engine in all its trims having four cylinders making them a V4. It bursts a horsepower of 109 and 107 lb/ft of torque. The fuel economy has been raised from its older version. So, the estimated EAP is 30mpg in city streets and 37mpg on highways. The 1.6S is available with a Five Speed Manual Transmission and the other trims are available with the Continuously Variable Transmission.

Nissan Versa 2012 Safety:
The new Versa 2012 is available with standard front side airbags and side curtain airbags to keep you unharmed in case of any violent jerk or accident. There are Antilock brake System, Stability Control and Traction Control System are also available with this car.

The 2012, Nissan Versa is a blend of great fuel economy, has lighter weight, solid body and spacious interior. The best part is that it is affordable and can be easily owned by middle class people. If you are interested in saving your money you should definitely go for this Versa but if you want a higher class car with lot of other luxury features than Nissan Versa is definitely not your type.


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