Fiat Punto 2011 India Picture, Price and Specifications

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Fiat Punto 2011 India Picture, Price and Specifications

The Fiat Punto 90HP is a smart car with smart features. Its body is graceful and has fine curves and contours that make it a somewhat better styled car then other hatchbacks. With Euro NCAP 5 star safety ratings and powerful torque engine, this car gives you satisfactory performance and reliability.

Other features of Fiat Punto 90HP include Automatic Climate Control, latest safety features and domestic foldable keys. Mileage of Fiat Punto 90HP is good as it runs almost 20 km in one liter of diesel. The interior of Fiat Punto 90HP is comfortable and simple. It definitely is missing much of the lavishness and styling but that does not mean it lacks the basic amenities. The standard seat cloth and material used for its interior is very durable. The dashboard and the center console are made from fine textured fiber plastic. The fiber plastic is used to keep this car light and cheap. Fiat Punto 90HP 2011 is available in ample color schemes. There is only one drawback of this compact and smart car which is it is quite expensive as compared to other cars of the same class. Furnter that Fiat Punto 90HP is not available in petrol powered engine. Overall this is good luxury compact car with beautiful interior and elegant exterior.


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  1. david blaack December 8, 2011 at 11:42 am

    Fiat Palio have dynamic look which make beauty and gave different look as compared to other cars.


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