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2012 BMW M3 Coupe | 2012 BMW M3 Coupe Review

BMW M3 2012:
BMW M3 model has been developed by the in-house motorsport division as a high performance version of BMW M. The present M3 models are based on E30, E36, e46, E90, E92, E93, 3 series. It comes in coupe, saloon and convertible body styles. These are naturally upgraded models of standard 3-series having more responsive and powerful engines with improved handling/suspension/braking system, aerodynamic body enhancements and interior/exterior enhanced with tri-color “M” symbol. M3 and M5 are famous as the benchmark vehicles of BMW comparable to Mercedes-AMG and Audi quarto GmbH.

The M3 used the same basic body unit shell of the standard E30 sharing the bonnet, roof panel and the sunroof. The trunk provides reasonable amount of space. CFRP(carbon-fiber reinforced plastic)is wrapped around a recycled paper honeycomb for the rear spoiler. Is 4.4 secondsCellular carbon honeycomb is a unique process pioneered for the manufacture of body components for BMW i3 and i8 models. It helps lower the weight thus increasing the acceleration and speed. BMW is leading the way in this area of automotive construction. It has improved sound proofing for the sports exhaust system with an extremely light weight titanium muffler. It really is a saloon based sports car. The sleek body lines bespeak of the incredible speed and minimum air resistance. The front and rear axle construction is enhanced by a rigid rear axle subframe and coilover suspension. The specially exclusive frozen polar

silver metallic exterior paint in combination with melbourn red metallic application and the special treatment of BMW kidney grille sets it apart from other competitive models with its flared fenders and bulging hood.

M3 interior matches its sleek external proportions. It has a simple yet elegant cabin with bonnet and the bucket seats for the driver. The front seats for the passengers are made from a cellular carbon honeycomb, a unique pioneered process. The seat contours ergonomically suited to the proportions of human body. The seating material effectively helps lower the weight of the vehicle. Its fat trimmed M steering wheel. M3 is more powerful and refined than its previous models. It is comfortable inside with well built largely black dash upholstery. The dashboard is well designed keeping necessary knobs and buttons at close proximity for the driver. In order to have the luxury of music, there is the option of premium sound system to take away the road tension many drivers experience during the drive through heavy traffic areas.
M3 is equipped with a 4-0 liter V8 powerhouse 414 horsepower. Its acceleration time is 4.4 seconds from 0—100 km/h. Its 19 inches wheels have the power to grip the road for a safe and comfortable ride. Although available in three trims, offers approximately the same facilities with different options for additional gadgets such as folding mirrors, digital compass mirror, Novillo leather interior trims. It manages 14mpg in the city and 20 on the highway.
Safety & Control:
BMW M3 is equipped many safety features to give confidence to the driver for a tension free ride. There is the 19 inches wheel electronic damping control and comfort access M drive as optional. It has the six pistons, fixed-caliper high performance brakes made up of low weight compound construction, and a specially timed DSC (dynamic stability control) system ABS and M dynamic mode (MDM) responds, optimizing axle load distribution, meanwhile the 245/35R 19 inch front tires and 265/35R 19 inch rear tires with light alloy rims ensure strong grip and acceleration control.
BMW M3 can truly be called a luxury sports car with commendable acceleration, speed and the safety of turning corners at speeds with complete control. It is a vehicle giving a tough time to its competitors.


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